Chinese Spring Festival Performances




首届华人春节联欢会已经结束了,但是期待着下一届春节联欢会的种子已经播下,正在静静地等待、渐渐地成长 ……

On February 24th the Myrtle Beach Chinese Community held it’s very first Chinese spring festival. There was a joyful atmosphere, with memorable acts and performances.

The opening act was a Dragon dance, followed by a combination of dancers, singers, a Qipao fashion show, and a number of solo performances featuring Violin, Keyboard, and traditional Chinese instruments including Gu-qing (plucked seven strings), Bawu (wind instrument), Er-hu (2 string bowed), and Gu-zheng (21 strings). All of the performers showed their artistic skills and musical talents.


Angel played “Spring River Flower Moonlit Night” on the Gu-zheng. Her fingers skillfully plucked notes and pressed on the strings to change pitch, and produce vibrato creating sound that was sometimes elegant like a feather floating in the air and other times spectacular like a waterfall rushing off a cliff. Though out the performance she illustrated her mastery of the instrument bringing great enjoyment to the audience.


Mrs. Song Bo’s violin solo was another highlight of the performances. She played “Meditation” by Massenet. The piece opens with the theme melody and ends with harmonics at the upper register. The performance illustrated Mrs. Song’s solid technical skills, precise intonation, and great tonal quality. Playing the violin with the skill of Mrs. Song takes great dedication and numerous hours of practice, like mountain climbing there are many steps to reach the top.

After the great success of this year’s spring festival we look forward to next year’s celebration.

— Author: Mei Reich